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What problems you had what did Vipassana Solve
« on: May 22, 2008, 03:22:23 PM »
I thought many people who are suffering search on the internet for solutions. So if they get to hear from a person who has already benefited, they would try Vipassana which is the best medicine/blessing.... So I thought of  starting a thread of my own problems and experience. Please let me know your issues if any as well and use the key words.

I used to get sleep very late after I tried to sleep, almost after 2 hours, 3 hours or sometimes 5 hours. I used to get quite uncomfortable that I couldn't get sleep and it would push the sleepiness in me much further. It used to happen quite a lot of times. It was mostly 2 hours of trying and then I used to get sleep because I was tired. I didn't get dreams.  I didn't take any medicines. I didnt want to accept that I had insomnia. I used to stay alone.There was another issue came that made me sad as someone cheated me, I was innocent. That made me sad and depressed. I didn't know that I was depressed, but later someone recommended me about Vipassana. I didn't know what Vipassana would do, its method etc. I went to try to see if sadness will go, not for insomnia and curing of insomnia was a bonus!

The first day was anapana, although my mind was wandering quite a lot, I started getting good sleep immediately... since the day I  started anapana, I got dreams and good sleep quickly. Only one day I had problem. The problem was that I heard one of the group members getting subtle sensation and I didnt get it, that worried me a lot, I didnt understand that equanimity was important and not those subtle sensations. That caused a bit of worry on the 8th day or so.... But I later understood that it was not important.

After the course, I realized lots of things, that speaking lie was a weakness, I am lying to myself first when I lie to anyone. My stress decreased, not gone totally, but am confident it will go. My sleep quality got very better and I get dreams almost most of the days and I yawn less, I feel less tired. I also help others, when someone does any harm to me, I dont get angry, even if I get angry its few seconds  :) I also realized that its better to forgive the person who cheated me, when I forgiven the person, a lot of load on my mind decreased.

I feel its better to know a bit of Vipassana logic before you go there,  I went without knowing anything and got concerned as I didn't get subtle sensations. Now I understand that its not important, I got subtle sensations to a certain extent on three day course. What do you think, should a person have some knowledge on the method as to why anapana is done before going to the training?

Key words: Insomnia, depression.


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Re: What problems you had what did Vipassana Solve
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I manage to diminish the intensity of a headache yesterday.
On a more general aspect of my llife, I am more aware of where my emotions lead me and and I am less a victim of them. When an negative emotion arises, I watch my bodily reactions to it and try to see them as normal sensations, like the wind on my skin. This helps reduce the grasp these nefgative emotions have on my outlook on life. I am still rather prone to anguish but this helps. I hope that meditation practice will make this even more efficient.


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Re: What problems you had what did Vipassana Solve
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That is a great description of one of the benefits of meditation. In short, instead of becoming our emotions we are witness to them and less likely to lose self control and restraint.

In the Dhamma,

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