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Good and Bad cycle
« on: May 02, 2008, 04:27:14 PM »
After Summer comes the winter, after winter comes summer.... After Peace comes war, after war comes peace..... After Happiness comes Stress, after stress comes Happiness time.

I may be wrong, Just wanted to know what am thinking is correct.
Siddartha saw pain and because of that he found a solution to it and made the people happy. People became happy and then forgot the wisdom that Buddha bought, the stress in people's life increased today, we moved from happy life to stressed life. After every war people hate war and the pains caused by it, later they agree for not doing it again, leave peacefully do great business and become rich, this leads to jealously , laziness and all ill things, and then leads to war again.

These kind of cycles do happen, correct? and cannot be stopped, they will naturally happen.

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Re: Good and Bad cycle
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2008, 04:44:30 PM »
They can be stopped. It is up to each of us as individuals to stop the wars, greed and ignorance within ourselves and become examples of what a human being can be. Then there will be a chance of this peace spreading to all humans.

In the Dhamma,

~oOo~     Tat Tvam Asi     ~oOo~    How will you make the world a better place today?     ~oOo~    Fabricate Nothing     ~oOo~


Re: Good and Bad cycle
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I agree with TIB, it's up to each of us to make the difference...  As someone here on the forum quoted Ghandi "You have to be the change you want to see in the world." (or something)...

And things don't come in cicle... they are unpredictable.
"Happyness", "Itch", "Anxiety", "Anger", "Regret", "Frustration", "Equanimity", "Focus", "tranquility"      - this is a possible line of mind events....

I think the purpose of Vipassana is to be centered with whatever comes...


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