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Experiencing the world as vibrations (?)
« on: March 10, 2012, 09:54:41 PM »
Hi everybody,

In the book 'The Mind's Own Physician', which documents the 2005 Mind and Life dialogues, Jack Kornfield is quoted saying:

"in certain monasteries there is an intensive meditative training that shows us how to experience the world as vibrations. When attention to this level becomes highly developed and the mind concentrated, sound is experienced as a series of vibrations at the ear and then at the heart. Then sight and thought can be experienced as vibrations. You can even sense yourself about to think. Its like a little burp that wants to come, a prethought vibration that signals that a thought is about to emerge from the unconscious or the mind."

I'm very curious about this. Does anybody happen to know what form of meditation this is? What it is called? Where I can learn about it? I've searched the internet without success.

I am a cognitive science undergraduate student from Israel. I'm currently learning about the role of brain rhythms in brain function. I am also a drummer and looking into the health benefits that might be involved with various rhythmic practices. You can see why this meditative practice intrigues me so much.

Thanks for your help


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Re: Experiencing the world as vibrations (?)
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The technique in the tradition of Sayagi U Ba khin as taught by S.N. Goenka or Mother Sayama and co.  Probably after a number of courses and dedicated practice of this technique, all of what Jack Kornfield talks of can be the result.
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Re: Experiencing the world as vibrations (?)
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I thank you!
Could you refer me to a book which discusses such practices?


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Re: Experiencing the world as vibrations (?)
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I agree with nibs, Kornfield is quite likely referring to a form of Vipassana practice, or deep calm mindfulness.

There are so many books :) I think practice is a better place to start, and then afterwards you could try books. Starting with a daily practice is helpful, and then you could eventually get to the stage where you feel calm enough and ready enough for a 10-day course. Daily yoga is also helpful to develop calm, and as a "preparation for meditation" - which is what yoga is all about :)

I recommend the books of Eckhart Tolle to accompany practice. I was also recommended a book called "Mindfulness in plain English" and also "Beyond mindfulness in plain English", these are supposed to be some of the most practical books available. I've purchased "Beyond mindfulness..." but I have yet to read it.
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Re: Experiencing the world as vibrations (?)
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Thanks for your kind advice!
I am a member of a weekly sitting group. Also I try to incorporate Herbert Benson's 25 minute Relaxation Response protocol daily.
I will check out those books.


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Re: Experiencing the world as vibrations (?)
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It is always interesting to read what each person's particular angle is. What they hope to achieve with meditation. What they hope to see, experience, heal, discover.

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Re: Experiencing the world as vibrations (?)
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It's interesting how phenomena can be reduced to the level of physics not only conceptually (like we learn in science class) but also experientially.  Sound at an abstract level can be heard as melodies or language, but more fundamentally it's mechanical radiation/vibration.  I would say that any form of meditation contributes to an increased ability to experience sound as vibration as doing this just amounts to paying very close attention without compulsively aggregating the individual vibrations into something more abstract...easier said than done though!  I read a blurb in Maxim Magazine (of all places) about a guy who even uses sound for echolocation as a bat would...showing how even humans can process sound very differently from one individual to the next.

Sight is processing electromagnetic radiation, which carries a frequency as a vibration does, so it's similar.  My own introduction to "piercing the veil" of color happened on a mushroom trip when I saw first-hand how we abstract detailed patterns of light reflection into solid colors, giving the illusion of substantiality to something that, up close, looks more like a process: in flux.  On my web site, which should be associated with my profile here, I have a section on Science and Reality (if you follow the "Meditation Info" link) if any of this post interests you.


Re: Experiencing the world as vibrations (?)
« Reply #7 on: March 28, 2012, 12:21:25 AM »
Thanks for your reply CameronJ
I will definitely check out your website


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