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Meditation FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions


New to the forums or meditation? Here are some frequently asked questions that have come up often. Reading them may help you find your answer.

Many thanks to Masauwu for preparing this list.

Beginner meditation / shamatha guide

The science behind meditation:

Thread 1; Thread 2

How did meditation affect my life:

Thread 1; Thread 2

Sitting/posture related:
Importance of posture
Seiza bench posture
More on posture
Adjusting posture during meditation
Restlessness in the eyes
Eyes closed or open

Dealing with hindrances:
Clinging in practice
Shamatha practice and frequently encountered misunderstandings

Why meditate? Being clear about your goal

Right attitude to meditation

Meditation in everyday life

Walking meditation

"Noting" in meditation

"The dark night"

When is it time for retreat

On Metta practice

Meditation and dreams

Right speech

On reincarnation

How many meditators does it take to change a light bulb?


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