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Hi all, this thread will discuss something that may be contradictory to your experience, but I would still like to know your perspectives on this. I understand meditation is about deconditioning the deeply rooted ego, suppressed emotions, and habits which were necessary at one point in our lives for socialization and survival. At any point along letting go of baggage in your meditations did you encounter a creative force within you than wants to bubble to the surface and be expressed in a positive way as a result of letting go of emotions that anchor you to the past? I can only describe it as a profoundly deep inspiration bubbling from your core that wants to be grounded in this 3D reality. My assumption is that most people in this forum are logical and pragmatic, so I'm wondering if some creative impulse is valid and useful for creating positive change in this world, or is it just another distraction or delusion?

Ever since I was a child, my imagination has been very vivid. This of course went away as I've grown older, but ever since I've started a daily meditation practice this ability has come back. I get spontaneous experiences that align with things like sleep paralysis, lucid dreams, OBEs . When I'm in a lucid dream, I feel a sense of wonder and awe, like seeing the world as a child again. I haven't unlocked the ability to shape shift forms in the dreamworld, but every time I'm awake in a dream I don't hesitate to start flying around :), the experience is always potent and feels as if I'm in another realm of reality (or perhaps delusion?). Meditation has allowed me to stay equanimous and detached from these experiences, but I do see the value and practicality of them.

Sometimes after a meditation I like to participate in a creative practice known as visualization which can become lucid dreaming with deep concentration. My intention usually is to experience vividly in my mind with much detail as possible what it would be like to be my future self who has already received the fruits of meditation and letting go, and what it would feel like to have a profound gratitude for everything. If I can let go and not force this process (meditation really helps), I come to a point where this inner experience feels so vastly more potent than any outer experience you've had in your life.  In that moment I feel so whole, so in love with life that it's impossible for me to desire.. it's impossible for the ego to be in control. It gives me a deep sense of wonder and Ecstasy which bleeds into the waking world if I keep the practices consistent. It profoundly changed who I am.

Now here is where things get extremely weird and illogical and may turn some people here off. Ever since I've began my meditation and visualization practice, It's as if my waking life is now taking on some the qualities of a visualization or lucid dreaming, except outward changes manifests much slower and you don't have godlike power over the forms like your do in your mind. But you do feel as if whatever you experienced in your inner world happened and will eventually be reflected in your outer world in a way that's in harmony with the whole, not by your doing, but by some greater creative phenomena making it happen (whatever you want to call it.. God, the collective unconscious, nature, the universe, whatever). For example the other day I had a thought about my grandpa calling me on the phone, and then a few seconds later he actually calls. Sometimes it can take longer, like one day I said to myself it would be cool to be a firefighter, I wonder what that would be like. Then a few days later, I get a call from my mom asking if I want to go on a ride along with her firefighter friend. Sometimes these synchronicities take much longer to reflect in the outer world, but they really do manifest if I surrender and let go. They begin to show up in my life which confirms whatever I'm doing in my inner world produces some sort of effect on my outer world. It reinforces that something magical is happening that the logical mind can't perceive or understand. I don't believe in magical woo nonsense, but this is the closes thing I've experienced to such things. It's interesting because it seems I've found a way integrate the domains of meditation(inward) and deliberate creation(outward). Something very contradictory, but the dynamic between them is very yin-yang. In other words the practices are polar opposites but in my experience they actually support each other greatly. It's like the natural pattern of breakdown in order to change or build back up up stronger that is observed in many aspects of nature. Evolution if you will; contraction and expansion. Now is this shift to a creative domain in the mind one of delusion and distraction, or is this experience valid, useful, and have a real tangible affects on creating positive change in the world like my experience validates? My mom and dad experience this creative phenomena to some degree as well because they are very creative people, even my grandpa who is a very logical pragmatic man has experienced this to some degree, but is in denial and thinks its all coincidence. I didn't want to post these experiences in the forum at first because I feel as if most can't relate with it and will dismiss it as distraction or delusion. It just seems too woo to be true to those who haven't experienced it or don't understand it. I think it is discussed in the Buddhist scriptures that along your path, you will eventually unlock dormant psychic abilities, but one must become detached so that the ego doesn't take control which will likely abuse this power. With great power comes great responsibility. Another question is why haven't people here on this forum discuss such mental abilities and the potential value it can have on creating positive change in the world? I have done visualizations with buddhist monks after meditations where we see and feel the vibrations of love and compassion being expanded throughout the world and cosmos. Isn't this the same creative process that i described? Creating or changing something in your inner world in order to produce a harmonious effect outwardly that's.

As of right now I experience this creative phenomena as a way of transmuting those heavy negative energies released during meditation into some sort of creative expression like art, dance or in general becoming a more whole person who creates harmonious change in the world as a byproduct of this transcendent state. It's like turning sh*t into beautiful flowers, much like the earth does. I'd like to know your insights on this phenomena and if it can be a powerful for change in this world or if all of us who experience this are distracted and deluded. Thanks in advance :)
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I've always been a skeptic and fairly pragmatic person as well. However, I tend to keep an open mind about things; I usually will say "I don't know" to things of this nature. That feels more right to me then saying; yes this is definitely possible or this it how it is or definitely not etc.

For years, (since long before I started meditating (but then, would that matter?) I've had this thing where a song will pop into my head for no apparent reason. And then that song will come on the radio a day or two later. I've also had a couple of dreams this past year that part of me insists were semi-visions of the future. Is it just coincidence? Probably; but it's happened enough times now that it just sort of stands out to me as odd. I think the important thing (for my situation at least) is to not think about it too much or obsess over it. I don't go around pretending that I can foretell the future, and I haven't been so dumb as to try something like playing the lottery or something like that.

If we assume for the moment that all of these "miracles" are true; I think what it really comes down to is not 'super powers' or 'supernatural' things going on; but because of a lack of our own understanding. We only have an incomplete knowledge about this life we live in. That means we're going to continuously keep finding new and exciting ways the universe can surprise us. Assuming the universe & time is infinite then that will always be true; because no matter how far science comes there will always be more to learn.

I think it is very possible that's where a lot of this comes from.  For example our understanding of time is very limited. Ever since 100 years ago Einstein and others proved mathematically that time is not linear. In our everyday lives we feel like we're moving from point A to B past to future. But what if this is merely a limited or incomplete view? What if there are ways to experience time in such a way that you know everything that happens, past, present and future? When you think about that you realize it isn't about a super power that somehow lets you 'see into the future'. It's that the entire concept of 'future' itself is an illusion! Maybe we're ordinarily just blocked off from experiencing the whole of our existence somehow. That's my interpretation of some of the meditative/yogi stories anyway.
There is so much more to our brains and consciousness that we don't understand. None of us really have a fundamental understanding of how our own minds work... isn't that crazy to think about? How can we understand anything when we don't understand ourselves? Yet somehow we do.
"Not knowing how near the truth is, we seek it far away."
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My assumption is that most people in this forum are logical and pragmatic, so I'm wondering if some creative impulse is valid and useful for creating positive change in this world, or is it just another distraction or delusion?

I don't know about people being logical and pragmatic, but I do know that one of the side effects of meditation is creativity. You don't have to do anything with the creativity, but the option is there for you to explore the person that meditation uncovers and this usually includes your innate creativity.
“You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet, still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to you to be unmasked, it has no choice, it will roll in ecstasy at your feet.” Franz Kafka


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Mobius thank you that was insightful, fantastic read. We're on the path to understanding and we're all in this together.

Stillpointdancer yeah you're right I shouldn't have made assumptions.Thank you I will continue to explore this aspect of self. I love reading your posts in this forum you're so open.
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