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Crash Course in Buddhism
« on: June 07, 2011, 08:04:39 PM »
I have found this page very helpful in explaining the basics of the whole Buddhism. Crash Course indeed  ;D
On the side bar you can go through the basics which you can later research on the net, one by one in time (not all at once for the love of buddhadhammasangha otherwise you will not have time for actual practicing)

I will use it as a map to sweep through it and see what actualy catches my attention. At the moment I was researching about right life style and according to this page I am far from making peace with my self because I trade (aquatic) animals. I have seen so many dead fish who died because of lack of oxygen in the transport bags, or simply by customers not carrying much for their well being, overstocking their tanks, starting tanks without establishing the nitrogen cycle etc ... I have seen many animals who died in vein, for our pleasure, for our escape from the boredom, died for entertainment of the ego cult.

It will be hard to make this decission but I am sure it is time to leave this kind of work behind me (local pet shop) and see what else I can do to benefit others more and hurt less.

I would like to Sticky this one up under the Banyan Tree. What say Admins and Mods :)

May we all find the way into the Dhamma


Re: Crash Course in Buddhism
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2011, 11:17:19 AM »
I have been a member of that site, but they are not very friendly to newcomers. The original presentation is good, though it hasn't been updated much since 2009. Whenever I posted there, I got ignored.

I think working in a pet shop has its issues, but hey, it is to provide pets for those who like animals and want to care for them. Not like what has been happening here in Australia, where there has been outrage over live animal trade to Indonesia where they are treated awfully in abattoirs. Anyway I have abstained from all beef, lamb and pork products since October 2009. Sidetrack I guess. Probably better to find a different industry.


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Re: Crash Course in Buddhism
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Hi Dusko,

I remember a month ago neither of us would call ourselves Buddhist, but it would seem the wheel has indeed turned! I think that Matthew's advice about reincarnation is applicable to the rest of Buddhism as well, i.e if we see it through direct insight then we know for ourselves, no need to get too far into the doctrines. 

We should be careful not to delve into Buddhist writings like a 'crash course' as, just like listening to Metalica, they have a conditioning effect, and before long we could be 'scripting' and basically kidding ourselves...

In the end,  I  took the same route with Christianity; lay aside everything that wasn't a direct answer to my prayers and intuition. In the end I laid aside that conversation and now I prefer silence.

We have to be careful with these minds of ours, they seems to be able to create all sorts of experiences and the last thing I want is a sub conscious full of Buddhist indoctrination. Just because there are easter eggs in the garden does not prove the easter bunny left them there!.

Don't sweat the pet shop in my opinion. Unless it really is playing on your mind, which i guess it is, then i second Jeeprs!! Sila is all about your conscience.

Word Up Bro!

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