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Clarification on posting links and copyright material
« on: August 24, 2016, 07:39:56 AM »
Clarification on posting links and content from other websites.

The forum terms and conditions regarding links are as follows:

"You agree, through your use of this forum, to not to resort to any self-promotion (posting the link to your websites, blogs etc) either in your profile or in the forum. If you feel that a particular content from your website/blog is relevant to a discussion in any thread, you may post that content only, NOT the link to your website. If there is any other particular need to post any links, please reach out to the forum staff first to clarify the reason and get their permission to do so. Please note that the forum staff reserves the right to accept or deny such requests. "

Links to your blog

... are seen as self-promotion or spam. If you have written something you own copyright to then you can copy the relevant material to post in a thread. If you put it in quote tags, as below:

Code: [Select]
[quote]This is some text that is being quoted without a link to the source - something that contributes to the discussion[/quote]
It will appear in your post as follows:

This is some text that is being quoted without a link to the source - something that contributes to the discussion

Copying other material.

If you come across something really beneficial and the copyright is owned by another person you can selectively copy and quote that material as long as you do not post the material in it's entirety or majority. i.e. you can post selective quotes that are relevant to the discussion at hand without breaching copyright. If you post an entire copy of someone else's copyright material you put the existence of this forum at risk.

Posting links to other sites

Links to posts on other forums, on wikipedia, and similar sites that DO NOT CARRY ADVERTISING are absolutely fine to post if they add to the discussions of the community.

Links to websites selling meditation CD's etc are strictly forbidden. There is a library board in the forum and if you have read a particular book or heard something useful you can write a short review or summary and post the name of the book. Please do not post links with affiliate marketing. This will be seen as spam.

Youtube and other video links

Links to Dhamma talks and other material on youtube and similar video sharing sites are fine - as long as they are not selling a service.

You only need to post the link for youtube and most other sites. The forum software will automatically embed the video into the forum for you.

So if you post this:

Code: [Select]
This is how it will appear:
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