Author Topic: Political Left and Right = Shamatha and Vipassana  (Read 1772 times)


Political Left and Right = Shamatha and Vipassana
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Well it's all in the title.  I was reflecting on the origin and meaning of the division between right and left ... there must be some basic meaning to it.  And I did see someone in the US published a book about this question some time back.

But it seems to me that the Left want support, and the Right want freedom.  And it is basically a political manifestation of Shamatha and Vipassana. 

What else ... well we lurch from left to right because as a society there is no understanding of what is really going on.   It's all lynchmob ...
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Re: Political Left and Right = Shamatha and Vipassana
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I dont know much about politics but i had a feeling that Vipassana is something occuring naturaly from Shamatha. I cant see it is as two separate things. Are they separate?

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Re: Political Left and Right = Shamatha and Vipassana
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They are both products of mindfulness practices and they are separate but interlinked in practice.
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