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Welcome And Who We Are.
« on: December 03, 2007, 03:10:58 PM »
Welcome to

This is a small but growing online community or "Sangha" of Buddhist inspired Shamatha-Vipassana meditators. Some of us would call ourselves Buddhists, some wouldn't. It is unimportant to the practice of meditation.

The common thread that ties us is that we practice forms of calming and insight/awareness or "Shamtha-Vipassana" meditation. According to Buddhist teaching, this form of meditation was first recorded as being practiced by an Indian Prince called Gautama Shakyamuni. He awoke to the true nature of things and thereafter came to be known as "Buddha" which means "one who is awake". Buddhism is the widespread and often very differently interpreted teachings of Buddha as they have come down to us today.


We are very democratic in an informal way, working out how we can meet everyone's needs when something arises. When you join the forum you are called a member - the same as everyone else. We have no ranking system, no star system and do not display the number of posts a user has made. This is because we are trying to deconstruct egotistic thinking and action in our everyday lives through the practice of meditation and mindfulness both on and off the meditation cushion.

There is a small team who work to manage this forum of administrators and staff moderators. We are a quite close knit community and you will soon learn who does this work. We are merely keeping house clean for all who come.

The costs of the forum and associated activities are met by member donations. If you are a member at a time when we need money to pay for something you will have an equal chance to contribute. There is no reason to contribute if you can not afford to do so.

Have a look around the boards. If you are a meditator or are interested in meditation and think our approach to helping each other out is something you would benefit from or could contribute to then please register and dive on in. The water is good.


We have one principal rule as a community: We treat each other with respect and compassion - and we think before we open our mouths/type our words.

Anyone incapable of maintaining these standards would probably not be helping themselves or us. If they did not moderate their behaviour they would be asked to leave. If it arises and the behaviour continues eventually the person would be banned.

Discussion of anything is acceptable, however, game playing with words is an obstacle and hindrance on the path of meditation and divisive of community.

In particular "mindless speculation of imponderables" and purely intellectual debates are not what this place is about - this place is a meditation practice oriented community of active meditators - not an intellectual playground for the amusement of people with a purely intellectual approach to the subject. The approach is practical, personal and experiential.

May all people attain peace and true freedom in this very lifetime,

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