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How important is it to not support your back?
« on: January 30, 2011, 09:12:55 AM »
Hello gentlemen and gentle ladies

After having received so much incredible feedback on my first thread, I've decided to create another one :). Hope you can help me out with this one:

I have often read that sitting down with a straight and unspported back is very important in meditation. Without thinking too much about it, I've actually meditated in a sofa, resting my back against the sofa cushions for the last month or so. And this has worked fine. Ive even lied down on the floor a couple of times, without falling asleep.

So just how important is it to maintain an unsupported back?.. The reason for why Im asking this, is that Id like to give it a try, but its just so damn uncomfortable :). So instead of focusing my attention on the breath, I tend to focus the attention on how uncomfortable I feel. Maybe regular practice will make me used to the situation though..

I have a chair in my living room, where I can sit with an erect back, where my lower back will be supported (first 40 cm or 15 inches of my back) but my upper back will be free. This feels comfortable, and I dont lean back with my shoulder blades on the chair and I dont slouch. Yet my lower back is supported.. Would this pose be ok for meditation?


Re: How important is it to not support your back?
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If you have your spin straight it is ok. But you can always try something new.,790.msg6636.html#msg6636
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Re: How important is it to not support your back?
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The chair you have described is fine. Ideally, and as your aim, no back support helps. Strengthening your back so you don't need it will show a healthier posture and improve much more than your meditation.

From the home page search the forum for posture or spine or back and you will find lots of threads with lots of advice.

Regarding your anxiety issues - don't worry, just relax, one thing you'll learn is that even relaxing takes practice.


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