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help with meditation
« on: January 22, 2011, 04:10:59 PM »
hi guys,

i always wanted to ask one thing, when i meditate i try to place the sensations that i feel in a 3 dimensional space in my mind. i.e., i try to create my body in my mind n then feel it. i even do this during samatha , as in, where the air touched or went in.....

how to avoid this? or should it be avoided?


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Re: help with meditation
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Too much fabrication. Notice what is, don't create false intellectual frameworks to place the experience in - it's an ego game.
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Re: help with meditation
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Only be aware of the agonised ego self trying to make these 3D spaces in the mind and do not engage into it, just let it be and go back to calming the body with each in and out breath.
You say "I try to create my body in my blah blah blah". Do not identify with that I which is trying to create the body in the blah blah blah. That "I" is the very fcucker causing all the suffering. Rather say "The ego self is trying to create the blah blah blah" Try to remind your self of this very fact and by observing it via calm abiding you will see this clearly so there will be no reason to believe my words  :) you will gain insight into the nature of this sucker called "I"  ;) be kind to him though.

Friendly Che


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Re: help with meditation
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2011, 06:13:05 PM »
Yes, be kind and friendly to the sucker! I love you, Che.
Just joking.
Now you have to find out what was meant jokingly  ;)

Siddharthgode, my reaction is the same:
What would happen, if you just allowed the breath to come in and to go? Just allow. Trust that the breath will come and go.


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