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Art and Meditation
« on: January 24, 2011, 02:50:08 AM »
How is the creation of art related to the act of meditation?  
Are artistic works inanimates infused with the moment, or are they simply illusions?
What do you think - helpful or hurtful to the path?
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Re: Art and Meditation
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Buddha cold turkey'd this shit

Not realy  :)  he had spend many many years practicing very difficult meditation techniques before he got the insight about the Middle Path.

The same is with painting I guess.
I realsied that I painted because off thet "feeling" I get while doing so. Later I lost that feeling and was chasing it ever since and never got it back.
My good friend paints to become famous but he isnt.

We both are simply clinging to desire.

Meditate on that feeling you get when painting. I am sure you will find the reason why you have the need to paint. tring to capture the moment on a canvas or photo ... where does this need come from?



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Re: Art and Meditation
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Painting, caligraphy, Ikebana (the way of the flower) can all be meditative arts. They can also feed the ego. All depends where you are coming from.

One workshop I run which is always a hit and very meditative uses the concepts of Ikebana and whatever is found in the immediate environment, after which we collectively build pieces of art that are destroyed almost immediately (as we move on to the next one). It is a form of group meditation in action; joyful, funny, sometimes bizarre, often extremely creative, very much "in the present moment" - and always very well received by the people taking part.

Ikebana by Rachel Martin on display at Seattle Center, Seattle, Washington as part of the 2008 Cherry Blossom Festival. Photo by Joe Mabel.
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