Author Topic: Meditation is causing insomnia for me - why?  (Read 72488 times)


Re: Meditation is causing insomnia for me - why?
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For those interested in Kundalini, I can recommend this link, by the way:


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Re: Meditation is causing insomnia for me - why?
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This means I should never meditate again - *sigh*.

That's not true.

Matthew's right, you know. There are times to reduce your meditation effort, I experienced that. But don't make a decision like "never again" since you cannot take decisions for a future that hasn't yet happened.

And then, you do a lot of different stuff, don't you? Somewhere you wrote "so I switched to Mantra meditation for two days" ... there IS a good reason why Goenka and others advise not to mix up techniques.

Take care & Metta to you, Stefan


Re: Meditation is causing insomnia for me - why?
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Well I think that we should appreciate the old mantra of "everone is different": Each time I started on a new round of meditation, the Kundalini would flare up again. - Each time more powerful and lasting than the previous time.

My third and final meditation practice saw me igniting the kundalini after just three minutes of meditation!..

If I meditated again, I'd be afraid it would come on so strong that I couldn't subdue it again - as it has happened to some people. Therefore, I likely won't be meditating again. However I have heard of multiple people who just experienced a brief flareup, and continued meditation and never experienced Kundalini again. - I guess we are all different.

But to have this energy safely awoken by a guru without the sideeffects must be awesome - when the kundalini fire was burning, I felt the most extreme bliss and joy you can ever imagine  8)


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Re: Meditation is causing insomnia for me - why?
« Reply #78 on: April 18, 2011, 02:31:08 AM »
Hi Dane,

There are plenty of resources on the net that deal with what you are going through, though individual expert help cant' be beat. JJ Semple's site seems informative and he says he has been dealing with it for a long time.

One thing that comes to my mind is; though you feel you cannot sit down to meditate as such, there is much more to a enlightened life that just that. Lifestyle choices are still within your reach, good solid reading, spiritual friendships, honest living, healthy food and avoiding drugs. In my reading I have noticed that those experiencing what you are often become obsessed with it, and perhaps rightly so for a time.  But I do not think that any single experience leads to awakening, but all of a persons efforts directed together can open the door to the next step.

I have some recent experience with energy that I had not felt before, and I too wake up very early and can't sleep. It encourages me to make sure that my lifestyle is as pure as i can make it, from what I have read, if energy is trying to straighten out in you, it will give you hell if you don't do what you can first!
It is what it is, and understanding will open a path through if our eyes are open.

There are deeper and more important things to be realized than anything happening in the realm of phenomena. Please understand energy like you would driving a car, or eating a restaurant; there are things you should and shouldn't do, but the reason you are doing them is for other reasons entirely i.e picking up girlfriend,  taking her on a date! She would be very put off if you drove on the wrong side of the road, or ate off the floor, so do what is proper with energy but don't forget why you are here.

I would seem that you have the answer for what you are going through; align yourself with an expert and understand what to do.  Please keep checking in here, we are happy to chat with you about all sorts of other useful things as well that may help in your 'whole life' efforts!


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