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Walking the path!
« on: December 27, 2007, 10:46:46 PM »
I crave for spiritual evolution! I confess....
I'm planning on starting to start by taking the five laymen percepts: no killing, no stealing, no sexual misconduct, no lying, no drug taking; for about a month as a trial. Like the buddha suggested "see for your self". I hope along with meditation, both metta and vipassana it will fasten my spiritual development. I think the hardest one to follow will be to restrain from my weekend booze night. The right speech is also a challenging(spl? - please correct me in your post) percept. I'm no liar, at least not a compulsive one, but I put an occasional lie in some situation and I have this thing, I like being nice, so I sometimes don't lie, but I don't tell the truth either...
What are your experiences on following the percepts?
How many do you take 5/8/10?


Re: Walking the path!
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Hi Flipasso, good for you!    For the precepts (I follow the 5) I find they have a double benefit - the first being that you don't get into so many situations that prevent the mind from being calm through lieing or being aggressive, for example and the second is that they help in day-to-day mindfulness.  When you are tyring to observe the precepts you tend to be more aware of your actions.  For the alcohol one I started this a couple of months ago, and it has had the most beneficial effect of all.  I haven't completely stopped drinking,  but I drink much less often, and when I do drink I observe what makes me want to drink, what happens when I drink, and what the after effects are (even after just drinking small amounts, say 2 or 3 glasses of wine).  I can say that the more I observe, the less I want to drink!  See for yourself, you might well find them more beneficial than you'd ever imagine  :)
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Re: Walking the path!
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I understand the effects, now I want to test them.
The other day I did a bit of right speech mixed with non-violence and it made me feel more mindfull for the time it lasted. I was meeting my ant( spl? female, uncle) and didn't feel like talking to her, but the situation required it, I put my bad feelings aside, but still said what was on my mind. It was a short conversation but I felt more mindfull and got happy feedback from my ant.
Mindfulness is required to practice the percepts, isn't it?
About the non-killing, I plan on following, again, a vegetarian diet, but if I feel that the eating is not such a big role on the percept-thing I think I'll return to the meat eating again. I was thinking about not eating after lunch too, but I would probably pass out all the time if I did such a big change in my eating habbits.
I've tried vegetarianism before, but found it made me less mindfull because I was fooling myself, ignoring the part of me that wants to eat that burger. =) funny

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Re: Walking the path!
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I follow six. Some precepts I have followed all my life and some I picked along the way, nothing to do with the Buddha’s teaching those precepts are the same in many other religions. For me I don’t follow the first five precepts because I want to become a Buddha. I follow them because I want to. They make sense and they make my life easier. I had my first drink at the age of 32 (I know, late developer) I didn’t like the taste or the after effect so it is easy for me not to drink.  I guess if you want to practice awareness off the cushion then drugs and alcohol should be avoided.
Thank you Flipasso for this post I had a really interesting discussion with my friends about the precepts and their affect. Good luck and keep us posted.
 :) :)
"Samsaric beings! Cling not to worldly pleasures.  Enter the great city of liberation”


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