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Vipassana and IQ
« on: December 21, 2007, 12:17:40 AM »
Hello friends,

To me it seems quite obvious from my own experience that vipassana can be a powerful tool when it comes to overcoming old conditioning, dealing with negative emotions and so on. However, one topic that I have not seen a lot of discussion on, is whether the practice of vipassana could have an effect on the meditator's IQ. Could meditation have a positive impact on logical reasoning for instance?



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Re: Vipassana and IQ
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Without some kind of scientific testing this will just be an academic discussion.  That said, scientists have established that IQ is highest in the younger years once the brain is fully formed, lets say in one's early twenties.  However recent studies have also shown that new neural pathways can be created later in life.  "If" we combine that information with the also now proven effects of metta sutra meditation and how it stimulates/activates greater areas of the brain, who knows?  Maybe young adults would get the greatest benefit but yet older folks could benefit also.
Goenkaji got into Vipassana to help him with migraines.  There may be many more mental ills improved with meditation thusly freeing up greater mental acuity.  IQ is no measure of success, but if we are able to have better focus, deal with less illusions, and apply a greater percentage of our brains to work, it would seem logical that higher levels of thought could be attained and greater problem solving would be realized. 

I'm turning 47 tomorrow and I have to confess that much of my drive in meditation is to help me my maintain my cognitive ability.  I eat better now, weight train, started yoga and walk a lot.  It only makes sense to me, using the same arguments mentioned earlier, that meditation will also help in very positive way towards that goal.

Those are my thoughts and I sticking with them!  ;D
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Re: Vipassana and IQ
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I am a Vipassana Beginner and have seen observed these things and is just my opinion. Vipassana may not increase IQ directly. Practice on Maths problems or puzzles can improve IQ. Vipassana would give a better foundation to this practice by improving concentration, reducing distraction etc. in the long term.  On the point that sillentflute made that, scientists established that its good in young age and degenerates later, it may be due to children having the habit of being curious to learn more and is in school.  An adult or an older person is busy with other things to earn income and his IQ may come down. There was an article where a 56 year old person scored well in one of the toughest IQ exams, but it required 7 years of practice. A persons IQ is dependent on many factors I think , not just the person himself( His society, how educated they are and what completion they give;  teacher-> whether teacher encourages to memorize or give good puzzles to improve IQ, Guides: what path[trainings] they show; how much access a person has to computer, I am not joking, because I see people in IT become poorer in arithmetic as they use calculator and lose practice.).


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