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Welcome to the Meditation Forum at

Welcome to the meditation forum at May all beings find true happiness.

The site has been home to a community of meditation practitioners since October 2007. We don't want to be the largest online meditation forum - something different. We are serious about our practice and are lay practitioners. Some of us are beginners, some with much experience, some Buddhist, some not.

We all learn from one another and offer a helping hand. No one is the teacher and we are all the teacher. It's a place where we discuss our practice and views of meditation and Buddhism - as well as many related topics.

The primary purpose of this meditation forum is to help each other with practice related issues - intellectual debate of unresolvable differences and speculation and theory is not beneficial on the path.

With much metta,

The community

PS. You do not have to be a member to support the forum, we know we have many lurkers and readers.

May the Dhamma flourish - so that all beings awaken to the true nature of reality - especially humans because they hold the guns.

A note on advertising, spam, trolling and research

Please note this forum is self-sustaining through low costs and member donations. We do not allow any commercial activity, spam, trolling and PHD research questionnaires or surveys.

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Shamatha-Vipassana or "Calm-abiding" Meditation Instructions and Notes

Meditation of calm abiding .. is designed to bring your body and mind into full  harmony, to quieten the mind naturally over time,
through repeated practice and not using any kind of force, and to improve and deepen your level of concentration.

It is the gate through which you gain the solid basis of a calm, stable, concentrated bodymind able to further investigate the
reality in which you live (internally and externally).

Click below to read the full instructions or download as a PDF.

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Meditation Posture

Meditation 101 - The Meditation Posture

The following tips on meditation posture are intended to provide guidance for newcomers to the practice of meditation. 

Meditation is customarily practiced in a cross-legged pose, sitting on a cushion or folded blanket.  Meditation can also be practised while sitting or kneeling on a chair or stool. The key point about the pose for meditation is that the back is straight to enable the mind to stay relaxed but alert. The aim is to reach a state of equipoise, or physical and mental balance, which can be maintained for increasing periods of time.

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Meditation FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

New to the forums or meditation? Here are some frequently asked questions that have come up often. Reading them may help you find your answer.

Many thanks to Masauwu for preparing this list.
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