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Title: New members & spam.
Post by: Matthew on November 18, 2021, 07:44:09 AM
Hello all,

The staff had to close the forum to new members back in March as spammers were registering at a rate we couldn't keep up with (sometimes 20 or more a day).

We've quietly worked behind the scenes to work out ways to manage this, and have now returned to normal with registrations open, and some new measures in place. We are still getting spammers registering but at a much more manageable rate.

You can help us keep the forum clear of this by clicking "report to moderator" if you see any spam posts (this is at the foot of each post). The signs are vague messages about something helping with (insert blah blah) and a link, usually as the new members first post.

If you see something please report it, so we can jump in and remove such material. We also then block these people from returning.

It's best not to click on these links as they sometimes lead to malicious sites.

Additionally, if you have any troubles posting due to new measures, hit one of us up with a message or email, so we can troubleshoot any issues. We will continue trying to improve these measures, and hopefully get back to a position where it's not a problem.

Thanks for bearing with us, and for your help keeping vipassanaforum clear of spam posts.

In the Dhamma,

Title: Re: New members & spam.
Post by: Matthew on November 30, 2021, 02:42:12 AM
An update: we are still experiencing a high level of spammers, so have turned on post moderation for new members for their posts. As much of this spam appears to contain malicious links, is better we stop it from ever showing on the forum.

For genuine new members please don't worry when you try and post. You will see a message confirming that your post will require moderator approval, yet we will try to do this quickly, and we will not censor or alter in any way genuine questions and contributions.

Once you have made a small number of posts which have been confirmed by the forum staff, your posts will automatically be allowed with no further post moderation.

Thanks for bearing with us as we try to maintain a safe and sane space for discussion.