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Title: Culture and nimitas, dreams, ghosts and angels
Post by: Thanisaro85 on January 13, 2020, 11:05:59 PM
I used to watch quite a lot of spiritual rituals( youtube) and ghost movies from different countries. Although it is understood that culture affect the making of the movies. Am wondering if meditators around the world have seen nimitas, like able to see heaven, hell, ghosts and angels. Do they look the same?

In S.E Asia, especially thailand, monks described how devadas( angel) and ghosts may look like. Like certain diety like rahu and ganesh that does not take the form of a human. What about Africa, Middle east , Asia and Europe. Anyone from this region that had experiences with real nimittas( not imaginations/dream).

The other differences, dreaming of deceased relative/ancestors .Beside having impression from movie, but also talk to business partners from different places. . The western people seems to dream of their relatives coming to inform about being elevated at heaven or happy/lonely/ cold, while the eastern people will dream of theirs relative being hungry/ suffering/ need clothing.
Could you share your experiences with dreaming of relatives( which you think is real), what do they normally need/inform?