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Title: Dhamma talk by luang phor pramote
Post by: Thanisaro85 on December 05, 2019, 02:35:10 PM
I would like to share this youtube video link(with english sub)by reverend father Pramote, A thai meditation monk/teacher, disciple of ajarn dune. having the same lineage with Luang phor Jayasaro, disciple of ajarn chah. Ajarn dune is also the direct disciple of ajarn mun,

I had been practising vipassana meditation for years but due to limited understanding of thai language, i am stucked with only both walking and sitting meditation( vipassana). It is not difficult for me to get into calmness and sit painlessly for hours ( no thoughts), but i have problem with my daily life activity, i tried to apply the "knowing" or acknowledging in meditation but had failed miserably, as i always tried to make the vedana go away, which is almost impossible in daily life. And instead of being leading a peaceful life, i am still suffering much.

But after watching luang phor pramote video link, i then understand instead of trying to acknowledge and make the vedanas go away, i should just allow them to arises, and just to watch them and let it goes, in daily life activities. There are differences of trying to make it go away versus watch it and let it go. Nowsaday i tend to be more mindful about my thoughts, feeling, sensations during my daily activities and i felt less uptight, all different types of emotions can be detected and recovered fast....

Hope members here can benefit from this video too, there more videos with eng sub but you gotta search each links as titled as eng sub but i guess the uploader may have missed out the sub.

Best wishes