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Title: Alternate Relaxation Meditation Techniques for nasal obstruction? Help, please.
Post by: SomeAnxiousGuy on July 06, 2013, 11:53:47 AM
Edit: Sorry if I double post by accident, I tried posting the first time and it said I couldn't access this forum for some reason.

Hello, I recently started meditating again after I realized my nose wasn't damaged as I had thought before. I quit meditating because something happened and my OCD latched onto the issue. Later when I found out there were other meditation techniques, I noticed when relaxed my left nostril opened up. I was able to meditate really deeply again for like a week or so, but then I started obsessing that my nose wasn't opening up when I had the opportunity to meditate, although it would when I was driving and not focused on my nose. However recently I pulled a pillow from one side of myself to the other looking for a tablet and it ended up being on the pillow.  So it ended up landing on my nose, and even though it didn't hurt that much when it hit my nose, I started obsessing that I had damaged my nose more/knocked it to the side, and whether it was because I actually had something happen or I just felt like it did/told myself it was more difficult to breathe through that nostril, it put the nail in the coffin of my motivation to meditate. I felt like I didn't have a chance to meditate nearly as deeply/achieve serenity. Anyways, the main thing is, since I can't get my nose to open up whenever I have time to meditate, and now it seems like it's not opening up as much, I wanted to know techniques that allow the kind of deep meditation I was getting while focusing on breath, specifically the relaxation bit. I don't want medications because they either can become addictive, or make things worse, and I'm pretty sure the issue isn't allergies based on it happening regardless of season. Also, I don't have any real mucus problems, so I'm not sure how much jala neti can help me.

Does anyone know any? Or can you point me in the direction of ones that aren't so breath heavy? I tried to just focus on breathing through my mouth but it seemed it scatters my attention too much, plus it doesn't feel as natural and it doesn't seem to help me as much/calm me.  I was told there are techniques that are just as good, but most of the ones I find are focused on deep diaphragm breathing.
Title: Re: Alternate Relaxation Meditation Techniques for nasal obstruction? Help, please.
Post by: Dharmic Tui on July 07, 2013, 03:05:07 AM
Tried abstaining from dairy for a month or so? Helped clear up my nasal passages.

If I have a cold I breathe through my mouth, doesnt seem to affect my practice much, just make sure youre not concentrating too hard on where you're breathing, just notice that you are breathing.